In Feng Shui, the School of Flying Stars (Xuan Kong Feng Shui) uses the time factor to evaluate energy frequencies; by measuring the current energy, it can determine its effects on the space we inhabit.

The current energy frequency is classified by Periods, following the patterns and cycles of nature. When identified, we can determine the influences and existing communication on the home and the human being (mind – action).

As of February 4, 2024, we leave Period 8 behind and begin Period 9, the last period of the Low cycle. From an energy point of view, this last period is the summit of the previous cycles, being the final 20-year stretch within a 180-year journey.

I remember that within the teachings of Master Joseph Yu, he told us that the frequency of star 9, as an energy in itself, can enhance the energy that accompanies it, which is why, during this change of period, many Feng shui Masters, They will update the data on these influences, considering the moment of development we are currently in.

What characteristics corresponds to star 9 under the gaze of Feng Shui?

In the book of Yi Ching, the frequency of the star of period 9 is represented with the trigram Li ☲, composed of a line divided between two continuous lines. This composition of lines indicates a force that wishes to disperse between two forces that are concentrate Period 9 puts on the table the internal debate between the mind, emotion and physical aspects. Within the human sphere, during period 9, as the key to reaching our goals, it suggests internal reflection to highlight our strengths and reinforce our weaknesses, in the face of external pressures.

Among the five elements or energetic phases, which characterises the energy of star 9, is the element Fire. The Fire element has a long list of correlations that can be classified into several aspects:

  • Human: Mature woman, middle child, beauty, vanity.
  • Action: Radiate, Civilised, polite, expressive, powerful, upward movement, outward expansion.
  • Objects: Fire, hot, bright, beautiful, armour, war, South.

Star 9 in its irradiation phase promotes us to show off a large part of what we carry inside.

Feng Shui within the magical square of the Luo Shu by dividing the energies of the houses into 8 palaces, the star 9 is located in the southern magnetic direction, by flying the numbers, the number 9 will take the central place, for 20 years.

el vuelo de las Estrellas del Periodo 9 Among its characteristics of action, we find radiating information, using media such as visual communication, videos, documentaries, etc. since the number 9 is related to the organs of sight, visual means and performance.
Therefore, also developing, the sense of appreciation of art and beauty, aesthetics, fashion and image will have an important role in this cycle, perhaps as a form of personal expression, rather than a trend.
Fortunately, in the thinking society, the search for knowledge will not be left behind, because this opening of communication will open the doors of information for us, as we have heard about Artificial Intelligence, so it is up to us to train ourselves to take advantage of knowledge offered, since the extreme of this energy is disinterest and ignorance.
Our work as Feng Shui consultants focuses on enhancing within the home that place, individually or collectively, where they can strengthen their own being, providing a balance between the physical-mental-emotional, through the creation of connection of the human being with the environment.

How can we know what influences Period 9 will have in our home according to Feng Shui?

A Feng Shui consultant will create the energy diagram, based on the date of construction and the magnetic measurement of the façade of your home, so he will know how the central palace of your home is configured. The central palace in an energy diagram of a home indicates what influences or collective thought are within the home, and acts as an Influencer on the combination of active or passive energies within a palace.

The energy of Star Time tells us the environment, and depending on the focus of the analysis, it suggests opportunities. The energy of the period is Time energy, it is associated with the construction date of the home.

The energies of Mountain and Water Stars are the energies we can use to achieve objectives, the mode of action. If what concerns us is health and relationships, we will take into consideration the Mountain star, if what interests us in work and how to achieve well-being, we will focus on the Water star.

When we create the energy diagram of the home after measuring the magnetic orientation of the home and the construction date of the new homes built from 2024 onwards, all the energy diagrams will have the Time 9 energy in their central Palace.

What challenges will face the new homes constructed in Period 9 according to Feng Shui?

The great challenge of the energy diagrams of the houses built in Period 9 will be the double presence of the energy 9 of the star Water and Mountain occupying the place, either in the Palace of the Façade or in the Palace of the Seat according to The magnetic orientation of the house.
Doble estrellas 9 en los diagramas/ Double stars 9 in the diagrams

This combination of energies from the stars will lead us to evaluate and decide whether the primary focus of the home is Health/Relationships or Well-being as both are in the same palace.

When a Feng Shui consultant puts the craft into practice, he will know that those moments of decision to give priority have a solution, that both energy stars can be used, and that even knows which others are important to promote, because everything depends on the requirements of the residents in the home.

To take advantage of the benefits of both stars we must:

  1. Appreciate the environment.
  2. Evaluate access to housing.
  3. Examine the layout plan.
  4. Qualify the use of space in the home.
  5. Determine the connection of the space and the occupants of the home.

This preliminary study will determine in each case the potential of each home and how the energies of Period 9 with its different diagrams can be used for the well-being of the residents.

Although your house belongs to a different period than the current one, you will receive the influences of the next period 9. Do you want to know what these influences will be like in your house?


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