Know and take advantage of its potential

Like the Feng Shui seeks communication between us and everything around us, under the Chinese perspective there are other tools that help us connect with ourselves; one example is the Diagram of the 4 Pillars’ method. This method takes as a reference the elements arising from the natural cycle at the time of your birth, to value our energy potential.

This approach reveals our range of qualities and skills, some visible, others more subtle .This recognition will offer a relevant set of tools that can be used when interacting in a personal, social, and work environment.



So you can usefully confront the several influences that bring us the different cycles that pass, directing us to better planning and development of our life.

The fundamental idea is to find an appropriate balance between the physical and the emotional. The 4 Pillars guides us in our attitude through the analysis of our energy level, according to the influences that time brings us. Allowing us to identify our potential health and take charge of our lives.