How we can improve your business

The methodology used by the Feng Shui allows us to assess the potential energy of the place. From this assessment, we can know what kind of business identified with each space. It also provides us some guidelines to consider when selecting a suitable staff, integrating human action towards a better energy flow.

Based on the architectural plan of the site, a consultancy established proper placement of personnel and the distribution of work areas or display of goods, according to the activity performed or the commercial purpose of your business. When everything is interconnected from the consciousness, work development is invigorated.

Each company or business objective is the trade of goods or services, where both the owner and the client must also benefit in the transaction, creating a constant cycle of demand and supply. Feng Shui for Business goes beyond the physical exchange, it studies the energetic compatibility produced from the environment and how it affects the place and people, creating opportunities for more effective work.

When proper connection is created from the outside to inside, considering the access roads, placement and use of the entrance doors, the location of workspaces and employees, equilibrium is reached through colors and shapes. As a result, we will make the customer feel align with the space, acting in correspondence to the value energy of place.