espaciobiodinamico born with the aim to provide customers and other professionals with the tools of the classic Feng Shui and Geo-biohabitability studies that consider the relationship we maintain with the energy of our environment.

These schools of thought allow us to look from another perspective to create a new projection of the space that we occupy in a way that is most beneficial for our health, well-being, and prosperity. Let us help you synchronize with the natural rhythm of the earth and space, to know your energetic intervention according to the activities that you carry out and become aware of our intervention in the environment, to consider the importance of time and the existence of different cycles.

After more than 20 years in the world of interior design and textile industries, for which graduated from the Parsons School of Design in New York, the dedication of 10 years of study with the great masters of Classic Feng Shui, 4 Pillars, Geo- habitability and the development of many projects for its customers, which include large international hotel chains, Evelyn Escarfullery creates espaciobiodinámico as a platform to transmit all that knowledge and experience for the benefit of people and the space they inhabit.


Architectural and Interior projects

We optimize the dialogue between a space and the personal energy of the individual.  We help to design the most appropriate project by working with the more subtle and profound perceptions related to the environment you inhabit.


Feng Shui to enjoy your home

It is intended that the occupants of the housing communicate with energy (Qi) projected in the space where they live, finding the potential of each zone , synchronizing  the personal activities of its occupants and their objectives, etc …

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We help you choose your new home

Whether at the time of purchase or rent a new home, we give you the best support to find an space with the energy level best suits your characteristics and be able get better development of your relations, health and prosperity …

How we can improve your business

Classic Feng Shui connects the potential of where the company is located, the activity to develop and its personnel. It goes beyond the physical exchange of goods and services, studying the energy exchange produced from the environment and its impact on the place and the people, creating a more effective work space. Study the distribution of workspaces, staff location, access, interior patterns, etc..

Know and take advantage of your potential

We analyze your energy, orient towards a deep understanding of its character, its qualities or abilities, its potential  of health and how that relates to your social and physical environment. We take into account the energy level variations according to the influences of time. The objective is to help you direct towards better planning and development of your life.