Feng Shui to enjoy your home

When arriving at your house, you wish to recharge the physical, mental and emotional energies spent in the day to day chores. For this reason, it is of utmost importance to locate in your house, where are the more beneficial energies (Qi) for you and your family.

Classical Feng Shui uses a method that studies and classifies what kind of energy comes from the different magnetic directions towards your home. Using the floor plan of your house, you can find the beneficial location for each occupant and their activities.

Working with the layout plan, a consultant of Feng Shui can get most out of each zone, making a placement of furniture according to the distribution of the most favorable energies. In addition, in a consultancy, we advised on the selection of colors and suitable geometric forms to gain more for each zone, with the purpose of obtaining the greater balance.

The purpose of the Feng Shui is to seek communication between the space to occupy and the people who use it. Knowing the energy of each of the spaces of your house, the consultant recommends what activities are most appropriate for each zone, taking the best advantage.

This is an active method that involves the people to be co-participant in everyone’s well-being.

The consultancy of Feng Classic Shui makes customized study of the house, focusing  in the present moment and the objectives of each person, with the purpose of obtaining better balance in its relations, health, and well-being.

Feng Shui para disfrutar de su vivienda