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Graduada en la Parson School of Design, Nueva York- Altos de Chavón de Diseño de Moda y Diseño Textil, ha desarrollado su carrera profesional en el mundo del diseño a lo largo de 20 años en los que se dedicó a la creación de productos textiles, decoración de viviendas y realización de proyectos de interiorismo para grandes cadenas hoteleras internacionales a través de su propia compañía.En el 2001 inicia sus estudios en las diferentes disciplinas de la Metafísica China como: Feng Shui Tradicional, Método Xuan Kong Fei Xing, Método Xuan Kong Da Gua, Métodos de Agua, 4 Pilares ( Zi Ping Ba Zi), I Ching, Metodo Mei Hua, Metodo Weng Wan Gua, Interpretación Morfológica ( Mian Xiang), además de Radiestesia y Geo-habitabilidad. Hace unos años decide fundar espaciobiodinámico como plataforma para transmitir todo ese conocimiento y experiencia en beneficio de las personas y el espacio que habitan.

Yin &Yang…. The dance of opposites forces in Feng Shui (Part II)

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From the macro to the micro: Yin and Yang in our home After collaborating with decoration and architecture professionals as a Feng Shui consultant,help me to learned, how in the development of a project from scratch, the importance of projecting the yellow path of the Sun in a home, in order to determine the placement and [...]

Yin &Yang…. The dance of opposites forces in Feng Shui (Part I)

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The term Yin and Yang has become common words in our language, remember listening to my dowsing studies teacher, who named one of his students as the "Yang Woman" for her extreme strength and activity, from that moment I understood that in our western culture , we tend to see the two concepts as separate entities [...]

Because it’s never too late … I share my encounter with Feng Shui

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For those who don't know me, my name is Evelyn Escarfullery, I learned to read my first letters of the alphabet at the same time that I learned to interpret an architectural  floor plans, when I was doing my homework at school, just under my father's drawing table, at the time when the rulling pen was [...]

Is the Qi the Force that accompanies me? Interview with the Qi. Part II

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We have heard several Feng Shui masters talk about San Cai… How is this term translated and what can this information bring to our lives? Answer:The word San means three, and Cai indicates aspect or observation points, these are the three layers to consider when analyzing a house: Heaven Qi - Tian Qi Earth Qi - [...]

Is the Qi the Force that accompanies me? Interview with the Qi. Part I

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I've been looking for the time to ask these clarifying questions for a long time and I feel lucky to have Qi here to answer me. The term Qi has become a common used word in our everyday vocabulary, but we really don't know in depth what it refers to. Welcome!! could you clarify for us [...]

El Este y el Oeste, nos remueven el alma!

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¿Cuántos hemos emprendido nuevas trayectorias bañados por el sol saliente del Este, llenos de impulso y grandes decisiones? ¿O cuantos hemos puesto una fecha en la primavera para comenzar proyectos después de un largo inviernos? El pensamiento oriental, tanto en el Feng Shui como en disciplinas relacionadas a estudios de diagrama energéticos personales, el Este, es [...]

Understand time as an energy pulsation

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The ancient Chinese culture seeking to understand the relationship between man and his environment in several periods, observed the time by its pulsation and the vital force emitted. They identified which sequence followed each pulsation, its transformation process and its natural generation cycle. They decoded the complexity of its dual structure, formed by an active part [...]

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