It has been well said that oriental culture is a culture based on energy and its measurement, we can see it in disciplines such as Tai Chi, Qi Kung, acupuncture, moxibustion, Feng Shui, Astrology, etc., so It is obvious that the creation of a calendar based on the universal laws of nature allows us to measure, within its parameters, the frequency of energy available during a year, which will serve as a guide for us to improve our projects and activities.

By recognising the energy available, we will be able to act with greater knowledge, obtaining better benefit from individual or team objective.


Eastern philosophy is based on the balance of energy. To do this, it divides the energy into the Yin and Yang polarity, to find the balance between them we are guided by the created principles.

Among the existing principles on these polarities, we will find the principle of “Transformation” where Yin and Yang can evolve towards the other polarity, because each of them contains a seed of the other…

In simple terms, to reach a balance in any aspect, we must consider the opposite side, because inside we will find a point that resonates with the other, allowing a transformation, this recognition will allow us stability.

Dragón de Madera, el año para el compromiso/

How can we take advantage of the energy that the Year of the Dragon of 2024 brings us?

Few know that the representation of the Dragon, first of all, was a way to easily remember the intrinsic characteristics and values of this animal. In a special way, the Dragon is the only animal that is not part of the life of the farm, but is a mythological animal, created within the mind, coming from the sky, as something divine. For the Easterners it represents power, wisdom, dominion over heaven and earth, in its essence good fortune. The word happiness means “Blissful state of a person who has fulfilled their wishes”, that is exactly what this year is about, desires, goals and objectives.

In general, each year brings opportunities to create something, after all the past uncertainties since 2020, the difference that this year, asks us a little more… above all it asks us to take advantage of its benefits, it is time to take out of the drawer what we that we had forgotten, or that we had simply delayed for a long time, it is time to make a change by breaking with what limits us, physically and mentally.

To take advantage of the energetic benefits brought by the Wooden Dragon, we must know what it brings us, to do this we have to understand that energy in Eastern metaphysics, based on nature, is measured by the energy phases known as five elements, which have a relationship with each other, better known as cycles, the most notable being generation, control and reduction.

I am one of the people who think that to change the world we have to start with our immediate environment, first start with ourselves and then with our home through Feng Shui, I believe that when a good mass of people does this, it will be multiplied by a thousand.

We could talk about 2024 in a predictive way, indicating the possibilities of natural disasters, the possibility of the continuation of painful wars or the possible falls of the stock market during this period, floods, etc., etc…., I prefer to focus on Astrology Evolutive, where the only thing that each of us as individuals can keep in mind to evolve is to be aware and open to the energies that 2024 gives us and the most powerful energy we have with us, Mental Energy.

The Chinese calendar is organic, it has an active energy and a passive or base energy, which is why we always hear an element accompanied by the name of the animal. Each animal itself has one or several of the five elements in its composition (Wood, fire, earth, metal and water), in this 2024 wood is the active energy and the Dragon is the base. The composition of elements of the Dragon is mostly Earth, Yin Wood and Water which is in the stored stage.

Dragón de Madera, el año para el compromiso/

What does the active energy of the Wood element give us?

The Dragon of 2024 has wood as an active energy, in nature it represents the strength of a tree whose virtues are to bear fruit, shelter and provide shade, that is, growth, carried into daily life, invites us to put strength into the projects that we have in hand… it is time to grow, we know that wood is an energy of authority, leadership and firmness, so we will have to be careful not to reach the extremes of polarities where we find the fury of Power.

Like any planted seed, it has to come out by breaking its own envelope and the soil where it has been sown, so let’s not expect that everything will come when it comes to giving life to that something that we have sown, committing ourselves to making it grow, which is the main thing. …If I learned something during my time studying urban gardens, when I tried to make my children understand that fruits and vegetables did not come from the supermarket, it is that the garden will provide you depending on how much you take care of it.

Every tree, whose trunk with the absence or little flexibility in the face of external factors, can break… if we apply this correlative thinking, 2024 encourages us to move forward, without rigidity, to know how to turn around, change our way of projecting.

Dragón de Madera, el año para el compromiso/

Depending on the relationship between the element Wood and the elements that accompany the Dragon, how can we benefit?

When the active energy is accompanied by an animal whose elements that compose it offer support, the path is more bearable, like a couple walking hand in hand.

In this case, when the energy activates Wood, it controls the main element of the base which is the Earth, it indicates effort, it leads to having control of the forces that are in the base. Mastery of what we commit ourselves to involves verifying, being attentive, to be able to verify that what we have undertaken is heading to the indicated port. From another point of view, what controls you, sets guidelines for you, defines your objectives.


The element Earth implies from the place we live, agriculture, geography, etc., there is no turning back, now that we must from our homes, we enter into resonance with it.

The Earth represents food, that is why it is said that we will enter a cycle where we will begin to change our eating habits… I am not talking about diets, but about the way we have been configuring the alchemy of our nutrition pyramid.

Subsequently, in the human aspect, among the virtues of the Earth is the value of care and accompaniment to those in need, which implies stopping being in the one and including the we, since the We has more strength energetically, subsistence. human depends on this exercise.

Earth energy is related to centralization and methodologies, being directed by Wood energy, which brings a great creative and artistic force, invites us to review the established conservative schemes, asks to open an important gap even more to the new. The Earth in methodologies of Eastern metaphysics, such as QI MEN DUN JIA, is considered the emblem of the economy, it suggests a modification in our relationship with what gives us well-being.

The Water element, found in the reserve, is the image of having an underground aquifer. Water is the representation of introspection, of deep wisdom, for Wood it is vital for its development, what feeds you is the Resource relationship, it is linked to knowledge, to the relationship with your superiors, or the elderly or the background values.

To extract the water element, we will have to drill to reach it, this is where each of us, with our free will, will do the exercise that corresponds to us according to the experiences that each one has, it is the beauty of life, each one chooses.

I invite you to fly with the strength of the dragon in 2024!!!