The personal energy diagram, known as The Four Pillars of Destiny or Bazi Chart, for its elaboration, part of the person’s date of birth and the place, are four pillars attributed to the year, month, day and hour. Unlike western astrology, the energy diagram uses information from the sky, time, together with information obtained from the earth, location; the discernment of these two archetypes allows us to organize and give meaning to human existence, encompassing the individual and everything that can be related to the person, although we can apply this methodology when, in the approach, we want to know the intrinsic characteristics of the creation of a company, a city or a country.

When a human being is born,  interacts with different components of pre-established forces, such as the place where  is born, the indirect and direct family environment: ancestors, parents, culture, genetic condition, economic base, sociopolitical situation, components that cannot change, each of these aspects are studied in the pillars of the year and month. The pillars of the day and the hour, focuses its study on the subject itself, on its principles and the foundations that support it in its projection of a new panorama.

l diagrama energético personal, colocándote en el aquí y el ahora./


The main objective of making an energy diagram is that the person can:

  • Get to know her personality, her character and the dynamics of her behavior.
  • Know how to use that potential in the face of external changes that occur over time.

When we understand the contributions of the energy diagrams, we are prepared to face the possible changes that may occur throughout our lives, we will use the potential of these skills to adjust or release any event related to human aspects such as:

  • our way of innovating in every nuance.
  • the management of our well-being, understanding that well-being has a different aspect in each individual.
  • our personal relationships, friendship, family and filiation.
  • our work environment or profession.
  • Our physical-mental body, food, therefore, our health.

The energy diagram includes the management of the time variable, through the measurement of cycles, in this dynamic part the possible opportunities or situations that may occur are observed, this measurement of probabilities linked to our way of responding to them by our character or by the type of internal or external notions and connotations, in whose reactions the person usually uses the most visible and non-visible abilities, in order to obtain a favorable result.

The person and their skills

The personal energy diagram, placing you in the here and now./

The fundamental idea is to know how to use the skills at the right time, through the practical work of becoming aware of ourselves, we will be able to make a better life path with the knowledge through the base diagram.

All the skills that a person possesses, present in each cycle of our life, times that reach vibration levels with peaks of greater or lesser strength, understanding these stages allows us to know when for certain projects we can rely on those skills or not, this information, provides us with the option to choose the one that gives us the greatest strength for the determined objective.

The energy diagram allows us to assess in which stage these skills are found, in order to enhance those that produce a favorable effect on us and neutralize or polish those that do not produce a favorable effect on the development of our objectives.

In some circumstances we can identify in our diagram abilities that combine with each other, by identifying them producing unifications that give rise to a new potential, or the neutralization of both abilities.

In the same way, within the base diagram or within certain periods of time, these abilities can be deactivated due to differences between them, known as clashes, creating a blockage in our way of reacting, some clashes can open hidden abilities that can favor or disfavor the person in a certain situation.

When we know this dynamic in advance, when combination or clash situations arise, within the base diagram or during the periods of time called Pillars of Luck, the management of this information allows us to create a better strategy in the face of those factors that you cannot change, but what if we can seek a better balance through previously planned attitudes or actions.

The personal energy diagram, placing you in the here and now./

The person and their connection

The energetic diagram actively provides tools that help us see how human beings interact with possible behavior relationships, this means observing human behavior from its being and its relationship with the different ways of reacting to internal and external situations, as the ways of projecting, exercising authority, influencing, strengthening and valuing oneself or others.

This type of behavior relationship is called in a base diagram Production, Welfare, Influence, Resource and Parallels.

Production relationship:

The person to create, part of their own abilities, which can usually present different types of attitudes when giving way to creation. Production represents everything that is produced by the person, from their way of acting, level of expressiveness, creativity, appearance, intelligence, talents, achievements, the products created by the person and the recognition of others. The abundance or scarcity of Production could indicate a rebellious attitude of the person, or in the opposite case they could present signs of laziness.

Relationship with Wellbeing Management   

When a person has authority over something, he can manage its well-being. Well-being for each individual is relative, in addition to representing economic wealth, property, jewelry or money, it can represent your career and if the focus is the relationship, for a man it represents the wife in a base diagram. If the person has enough strength to manage their well-being, they will live a full life, if otherwise their levels are lower, depending on how their diagram is distributed, they will need a strategy of either limiting commitments or a job with less commitment for a full life.

Relationship with the Influences

During the trajectory of life, there are influences that exert dominance over the individual, these influences bring ambition to obtain the objectives, to achieve something you have to commit, commitment can lead to leadership, depending on the strength of the person can reach to have power and great achievements, if the strength of the person is weak, he could be overwhelmed and full of obligations, the trick of this information is to find within the diagram which is the action or attitude to take to make any situation flow. If the diagram analyzed is of a woman, this relationship could be the representation with the husband.

Relationship to your Resource

It represents in the person the knowledge and skills acquired by forming our thoughts. If you have abundant Resource in your diagram, it suggests that curiosity to know and strengthen their own development, the absence of Resource, in the diagrams studied, can indicate learning difficulty or lack of support from people around them. The Resource is everything that strengthens you, from your food, to spiritual support, financial support or encouragement. Many independent or self-sufficient people may have Resource shortages, it will be favorable to the person or not, depending on the strength of the diagram.

Relationship with ourselves and the Parallels

This type of relationship shows us the levels of self-esteem, self-awareness and self-confidence, everything related to how the individual perceives and feels about himself. If the level of self-perception is adequate, the person can reach her goals. A Parallel is someone just like you, it can represent your friends and colleagues at work or study. The relationship with the Parallels will serve to strengthen the person, helping them to obtain great achievements or levels of having to compete for everything in life depending on the level of strength that the person has in their diagram.

The human being connects with the people around him in the same way that he connects with himself, it is the starting point to initiate an action. By obtaining this information through the personal diagram, you achieve a better relationship with the people in your family and work environment.

The energy diagram is commonly used as an astrology chart, where forecasts of possible situations to arise in the future are made, my particular vision of a diagram is to train the person through self-knowledge, their patterns, of their abilities, both the innate ones and those in which it is important to integrate to be applied at the moment of creating connections, in any scenario to be presented in their future.

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The personal energy diagram, placing you in the here and now./