One of the fundamental rules of the real estate sector is:

What can a Feng Shui consultant contribute in the selection of your new home/


This phrase is the basis for your investment to be safe at the investment level, for which the guidance of a real estate expert should be listened to.

The foundations of Feng shui are based on finding the geolocation of the place using the Chinese Compass or Luo Pan.

Localization in this discipline has to do with, studying the forms depending on the rural or urban environment.

Feng Shui is a living tool, based on natural cycles, so when selecting your new home, the Feng Shui look will provide knowledge of the external and internal space that will be part of your new phase of life.

The internal space that is going to occupy will be a projection of you. Those walls will be where will capture your experiences and your emotions, your desires, so it is essential that you know how to communicate with the space and you.

Leaving the 3D vision, I invite you to observe with a bird’s eye view the arrangement of the houses, their surroundings, the mountains and their shapes, the direction of the river currents or the state of nearby lagoons, as well as in an urban environment the streets, the traffic flow, the configuration of its buildings are observed to make a reading of the environment.

Integrating your senses, your emotions, your actions and of course, the most important thing, leaving the paradigms that have been planted in our DNA, in order to learn techniques that have been practiced by people who have been observing Qi.

Qué puede aportar un consultor de Feng Shui en la selección de tu nueva vivienda/immobiliaria simbolos/

What contributions can give a Feng Shui consultant  when  is collaborating with a real estate broker?

On the contrary, the Feng Shui consultant does not compete with the real estate broker,  it provides a channel that can help understand the frequency in which the house vibrates, I call it  “The reason for the existence of the house”, because everything created exist for something and for someone.

Therefore, the real estate broker can open a portfolio of possible candidates, connected with the same  housing purpouse,  the same frequency, here we speak of synchrony….

Since we work with a method that allows verification, and also it is an easy tool to put into practice, between the broker, the buyer and the home, closing a circle in a harmonious way.

For the analysis of the word Location we will focus on the three aspects of Qi:


What can a Feng Shui consultant contribute in the selection of your new home


In the Heavens Qi , which analyzes the path of sunlight, important in regions that make seasonal changes and require the use of daylight.

The  Earth Qi , tells us the visible factors of the environment, and in turn other subtle factors, reveals the support offered by the homes or buildings around, and how they can influence your behavior and your emotions.

By connecting Earth Qi and Heavens Qi with the  Human Qi , we consider the “Momentum” that each person lives, their profession, their habits, the projection of it, since the house will be the scene for her experiences.

The Feng Shui methodology for selecting your new home uses codes to evaluate the place, the “Momentum” of the person and the selected home, seeking the best communication with the future owner.

 Dynamics work of a Feng Shui consultant study  in the selected home.

Buying or renting a home is a personal decision, our job as consultants is to provide information from another point of observation.

Depending on each case, different methodologies can be used. Feng Shui has several schools that apply to each case: San Yuan or San He School.

For a house already built we will use the School of Form and the San Yuan School, specifically the Xuan Kong Fei Xing School or Flying Stars.

For a new construction site or house, it is important to evaluate the forms of the environment with the Form School  or the San He School, if the project presents a configuration of rivers or roads adjacent to the future house.

Applying Feng Shui Eyes that do not see, Heart  grieve

This is an example of a couple looking for an apartment to live in, it will be their first home, they have chosen the sector and the place through the real estate agencies open on the networks, in this particular case the consulting was direct with the client, although everything The purchase process will be carried out through the agencies that manage each property.

Brief summary applying the School of Form:

What can a Feng Shui consultant contribute in the selection of your new home

Earth Qi

The apartment is located in a booming sector, which is becoming the favorite place for young couples. Proximity to the sea, schools, supermarkets, easy access to roads out of the city are the attributes in favor of housing.

The place to study the necessary square meters together with the appropriate price to turn off the applicants, however, something inside them did not finish the purchase.

The consultation will be carried out remotely, we are in different cities, to carry out the study it is necessary to have:

In this article we will focus on the environment using the methodology of the School of Forms.

Human Qi

The information requested is the same that an architecture or interior design professional uses to intervene in a project, where the client describes their habits, use of the space or their life projections, etc.

Both people work from home, they are graphic designers, they need a bright place, away from noise, a spacious room to place their work tables.

Heaven Qi 

In addition to the information on the plans, we request the year of construction, this last piece of information is essential for the application in the second part of the Feng Shui consulting, where we will apply the methodology of the Flying Stars School or Xuan Kong Fei Xing, With these data, an energy diagram will be created that will give us information for the use of space.

Using the form school, we obtain the following information from the environment.

  1. Traffic and its circulation
  2. The adjoining buildings
  3. The shape of the plane

Qué puede aportar un consultor de Feng Shui en la selección de tu nueva vivienda/calle bifurcacion/ /Hombre/

Traffic and circulation

The streets as well as the rivers, represent in Feng Shui, currents of energy flows, which in physics represents force.

The force produced by the constant descending traffic on a street in one direction, with a fork just as it approaches the building that exerts as a restraining force.

This invisible collision of a static body and the persistent movement of cars does not offer a stable frequency for the inhabitants of the future home.

Qué puede aportar un consultor de Feng Shui en la selección de tu nueva vivienda/espaciofiodinamico

The adjoining buildings

In Feng Shui, there is the concept of protection, which means having a mountain or building at the back of the house, this concept comes from the ancient nomadic peoples due to the need to protect themselves from the winds. As well as the importance of having an open space in the front of the house that could retain the Qi.

The apartment consists of a good building that can fulfill the protection effect, although we cannot forget the conditions of movement due to the presence of traffic. The front space of the building is affected by the traffic produced by the fork.

Qué puede aportar un consultor de Feng Shui en la selección de tu nueva vivienda/plano irregular/


The shape of the floor plan

The application of the  Form School , considers that square or rectangular shapes, offer greater stability to the dynamics of the house, there are sharp positions to the planes in L-shape, U-shape, trapezoid shapes, or the absence of a area within a plane, the common sense that prevails in nature, is a guide to consider at all times, my Feng Shui teachers like Joseph Yu, always reminded us that if we found a study of Feng Shui that did not have common sense, then it was not Feng Shui.

In the case that we present, we look at the set of forms, from the outside to the inside, the forms are the most important, if the aforementioned external forms such as streets, traffic or instability in the arrangement of the front of the apartment, make us pay attention to the layout of the floor plan, its irregularity and the internal layout of the common and private areas.

For a Feng Shui study, the application of the analysis of the School of Form, is only the base, a trained consultant will apply other methodologies to be able to offer a complete evaluation, which will help people to select their new home.

“The first condition of the landscape is its ability to say almost everything without a single word.” (Konrad Lorenz)