On these Valentine’s dates, the questions related to the couple’s relationship are already placed on the surface of our emotions, right next to the red hearts and the cherubic angels. Feng Shui in the Flying Stars school (Xuan Kong Fei Xing) implements an active system, through Star Diagrams that measure the energy potential of your home; It allows us to focus in a special way on couple relationships, simply by analyzing the combination of stars (Qi) present in the bedroom according to the Star Diagram obtained from your home. The Stars are forces or energies that seek and support the principle of Yin and Yang, with the search for eternal balance. Each star has and maintains its own attributes, being classified with the numbers 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 although its origin comes from the Trigrams; none of these energies wants to be the other, because the nature of each of them is unique and essential for the understanding of universal laws.

Love is in the Air!! Como potenciar tu relacion de pareja con la ayuda del Feng Shui/espacibiodinamico.comWhen Love is in the Air!! several types of energy exchange relationships occur between people, as in the energies represented by the Flying Star in Feng Shui, where this exchange of relationships is classified in cycles of Generation, Control and Weakening; In nature, every cycle has its function, the most natural being the Generation cycle, as it is the most evolutionary, since its energy exchange generates something new. The Generation cycle is based on the nutrition relationship of the elements of nature: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, follow a flow of food, each element nourishes and supports the generated element.

How is a Feng Shui Star diagram formed?

The Star Diagram of a home is made up of three combinations of numbers, located in different magnetic directions, also called Palaces. Each combination of numbers is made up of the Time Star, Water Star and Mountain Star, these last two are the energy measurements that we apply the most as a guide for action and observation for the analysis of Feng Shui.

The Time Star shows us the scenario where the energy exchange between the Water and Mountain Stars occurs, they indicate if there is empathic or generational support, or if otherwise there are obstacles.

The Water Star gives us guidelines on the actions that represent activities related to your professional associations, your management of economic well-being, how you manage life, the quality and ability to manage it, and what style you use to achieve your goals.

The Mountain Star focuses on people’s personalities, the quality and ability that people use to manage their internal life, family life and social life, including their hidden agenda, their vision on life issues.

In your bedroom you can find one or several combinations, to assess the quality of the existing energy potential, first you have to observe the forms, that is, how your bedroom is in terms of order, number of objects, amount of light, sound, the colors, the textures of the fabrics, etc., are details that can generate in the subconscious a favorable or unfavorable sensation for a good rest, which will directly affect the couple.

How to enhance the couple relationship using  the combinations?

The combinations of stars show us the energy available within a space. In a bedroom, the focus is on the energy potential of the Mountain Star in relation to the Water Star, we analyze what type of relationship exchange or cycle is presented. In our diagram we can find different types of combinations in the bedroom, a total of 81 possibilities. The most relevant combinations in terms of couple relationships are usually the combinations: 4-1.7-1.8-2.6-2; they are relevant because they are known as energies of attraction or initiators of opening to relationships, they are possible general influences, not absolute, because each person can connect with them in a different way.

We will take as an example for this exercise, the combination of Mountain Star 7 and Water Star 1, considering that in Feng shui the order of the factors alters the result, it will be different if we find Mountain Star 1 and Water Star 7 in the Bedroom. 

Star 7 has its origin in the Dui Trigram, Metal element; in the Human Qi aspect it represents a young woman, younger sister, lover, young actress or singer. If the focus is the parts of the human body related to the throat, vocal cords, skin, teeth, esophagus and large intestine. Among the human characteristics in its positive polarity, it represents transformation, sensitivity, optimism, persuasion; in her negative polarity, attitudes such as arrogance, extravagance, hypersensitivity, libertine or stubborn can be observed.

Star 1 has its origin in the Kan Trigram, Water element; in the Human Qi aspect it represents the middle-aged man, thief, adventurer or vagabond. If the focus is the parts of the human body related to the Ear, Kidney, Blood, Spinal Cord, Bladder and Adrenal Glands. Among the human characteristics in its positive polarity, it represents intuitive, adaptable, independent ability and courage; in its negative polarity, attitudes such as impatience, fear, stagnant, demotivation and search for solitude can be observed.

When in your bedroom we find the combination 1-7, the Mountain Star 1 is the focus, here the star 1 has the Water element that is fed by the Water Star 7, whose element is Metal, it presents a Generation Cycle of the Water Star to the Mountain Star, if the forms accompany, that is, your bedroom has a Qi Yin, order, dim light, little noise, soft tones, preferably white, beige and blue, it suggests that the relationship can promote good communication, both will seek adapt to the personality of each one, without losing independence.

If we analyze the combination 7-1, keeping the focus on the Mountain Star 7, it presents the Weakening Cycle, from the Mountain Star to the Water Star, where the Metal element feeds the Water element, if the forms accompany, it will be necessary to observe if the relationship bases its communication on the search for transformation of the relationship, or a dynamic of persuasion, where the opposite attends to the wishes of the other.

This combination, in ancient times, was related to the tendency of men to seek relationships with younger women, even outside of marriage, but this analysis is not a rule. In particular, I prefer to see the energy potential of a house as a guide so that the occupants can evolve into a better relationship.

To support the favorable potential present in a bedroom, the first thing we will do is activate the human Qi by making the partner aware of its advantages, or by placing an element or form that provides physical support. If the potential is unfavorable, as in case 7-1, we will also work on strengthening the Human Qi, and we will place forms that allow us to reinforce the energy potential that is being weakened.

Love is in the Air!!/espaciobiodinamico.com

Feng Shui is not a 2 + 2 rule, because we work with space-time and the human being, each individual is unique, just like each Star, people have an identifying number of energy potential from 1 to 9, known as the number Ming Gua; To know exactly how to profitably use each combination, we would add the personal number of the person to our analysis.

People who have a partner wonder how to improve, increase and maintain the relationship, if people do not have a partner, they will question how to achieve the goal. We know that couple relationships are not sought, whether you have it or not, it is a Construction exercise, where both beings, maintaining their individuality, convert the concept of Love into an action, into a verb, into a conscious decision of daily exercise. , whose growth actions will lead us to obtain the results desired by both.

Each of the stars present in the combinations of an energy diagram exist to be used for your benefit, of course, if you know how to use them by deciphering the existing codes in each one of them. The stars give us information that guides us on how to enhance the couple’s relationship through guidelines that can be used in the different phases of the relationship.

The love of a couple in its initial phase during the biology or Passion phase, the physical and sexual attraction for another person create that Magic, characterized by the commitment to the reciprocity of feelings. In the Intimacy phase, deeper and more intimate ties are created by sharing aspects of our lives. Intimacy is built on trust, security and mutual respect. Then there is the Commitment phase, which requires the ability, as they say, left hand, to resolve the situations that arise in order to be together.

The love of a couple is that feeling shared by two people who respect each other, valuing and giving the best of themselves based on the well-being and balance of their relationship…… Mr. Google.