Soon, the streets of the great cities of the world with a high number of oriental population will celebrate the entrance of the new year 2022, which in their culture will be the Year of the Water Tiger. The tiger and lion dance show will shine, filling us with good wishes and hope, something very necessary at this time where we have been crushed by the pandemic. This event will show us once again how a culture that is closer to the West every day, has a different perception of measuring time,

Eastern thought understands that at birth the person will have to interact with an internal or external configuration that cannot be changed, such as the place where you were born, your parents, your grandparents, family customs, etc., often identified as destiny. . It also understands another configuration, where only the individual is the maker of his destiny or privilege to decide, a concept known as free will. Both configurations are subject to changes brought about by external factors, such as climate change, global political and economic situations, pandemics, etc.

These three forces are the ones that have motivated the search for information that could give guidelines at the time of decision making, formerly the most popular path was astrology.

Precisely, now more than ever, those who believe in astrology, either for fun or to collect as much information, and incidentally put into practice the principle of uncertainty, which suggests that when the human being suddenly acts on his context, it is able to promote new and fascinating possibilities.

Greek astrology is a science of human Nature, and can only exist through the union of Heaven and Earth; Eastern astrology, in the same way, seeks through the analysis of the different reactions of human beings to the different types of Qi present in the elements of nature, to outline the probable path of life and help shape our sense to live.

Today, in order to free limiting and predetermined concepts, society is looking for answers in forgotten drawers, in order to find the path of life, obtain better results in its projections and better handle the inevitable.

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What does the Water Tiger of 2022 bring us?

The Chinese calendar implements correlative thinking by using the qualities of the 12 animals participating in the calendar, its purpose is to facilitate the understanding of the Qi integrated in each one of them.

The Water Tiger occupies position number 39 in the sexagesimal calendar, formed by a binomial of stem and branch (animals). The water represents the stem or the action, and the branch represents the stage where said action will be performed, it represents the support and the intention, in this case the Tiger.

For curious and sensitive people, the yang water of 2022, from the human point of view, means immersing ourselves in the sea of ​​our consciousness and self-knowledge, because this year, it is about working with oneself.

The water element is represented as a whole by the Kan trigram, drawn by two broken lines in the position of heaven and earth, it tells us about opening ourselves to the novelties of these times and the environment in which we are, freeing them, to focus all our attention to man, to oneself.

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If you are brave, put apart thesocial networks or the media bombardment, at least for a moment, to dedicate yourself. Knowing yourself and connecting with your interior, is not doing yoga postures or meditating, in these times, connecting with yourself is knowing how to swim in our internal waters, to be an individual who recognizes himself, who knows who he is he. In particular, the word for this year is COURAGE.

During 2021, the animal of the Chinese calendar was the Metal Ox. The Ox branch is composed of the elements Earth, Water and Metal. The Ox, as they could see, put us all in the hard position of field work, plowing with great effort in muddy terrain. The Metal trunk, whose mode of operation influenced us to act with precision to avoid missing the target.

In 2022, the Yang Water stem, has the property of adapting to the object that contains it, this year it is accompanied by the Tiger branch, composed of the elements: Wood, Fire and Earth.


The Earth element will not be able to offer us much structure to contain the collective desire for mobility. Against all odds, we will manage to recover movement, just as tourism and airlines and land lines will once again have green shoots. The tiger is an animal that represents mobility.


Related to sustainability and the agricultural sector, the earth element during this year will be at idle, we will have to pay attention to the weather forecast and everything related to the Earth.


The Wood element encourages us to be competitive, to be more risky; Accompanied by the Fire element, everything we project will have greater visibility, professions related to art, marketing and innovation, will follow a path to the top. 2022 is recognized as the year of Art.


Eastern astrology to measure how the energy potential of each year affects us personally, it is necessary to make a personal diagram, where each of the pillars of a person is studied. The pillars are obtained by obtaining the complete date of birth of the person, including the time and place, where we will study how the influences of the new year affect, in relation to your social environment, family, relationship, children and the work aspect. . It is a planning tool, not a guessing tool. You dare?

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How to receive the new year of the Water Tiger?

There are some important steps to take into consideration to receive the new year:

1.previous days

  • The rituals to receive the anus begin with a cleaning of the house that must be carried out the previous days. There are their manias in the East, it is said that if the movement is swept it has to be towards the street door, thus you remove the unfavorable Qi accumulated in the house.
  • New Year’s purchases cannot be missed, just like the West they usually buy what they need, in the past Eastern society was not so consumerist, purchases were well thought out.

2.During the day of the new night

  • We will see the ornate facades of the houses on both sides of the entrances, offering a warm welcome to guests and visitors, as well as many wishes of good fortune. The most popular of the symbols is “FU”, which stands for Prosperity and Wealth.
  • The family reunion is the main objective, many relatives come from different parts of China, that night they usually go to sleep quite late listening to the stories that have happened during the year, each one of the family members is listened to.
  • Children usually wait for the famous red envelope, where the older ones usually put money; the intention is that they grow up with a base of respect for money. Money is usually wrapped in red, because red is a lucky color, so it is called lucky money.
  1. New year’s day
  • In every place in Asia where the new year is celebrated, they usually explode firecrackers and fireworks, the origin of this activity has an answer in a legend that spoke of the existence of a supposed monster called Nian, who went out to eat the villagers and destroyed Their houses, to defend themselves, in the beginning used to use dry bamboo that caused a small explosion, until leading to what today is an extraordinary light and sound show.
  • They show respect, mercy and pray to their ancestors, it is assumed that they will protect their own descendants and help them to be prosperous.
  • They go out to the street to appreciate the dances of the Lion and the Dragon dances.

4.Visit relatives and return home.

  • Between the second and the sixth day, they usually visit their relatives, the purpose is to share good wishes.
  • On the seventh day many return to their work.

5.The night of the red lanterns on February 15, 2022.

  • People send many bright lanterns to the sky in places near the sea, in rivers, or in lakes, it is the closing of a long-awaited celebration, full of wishes and family love.
  • They usually have soup and enjoy the fireworks.