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The Five Elements, discover how to use these transformation phases as a resolution tool

To develop ourselves as human beings and achieve our goals, being part of the whole that surrounds us, it is important to have knowledge of our potential (Qi) and how it is transformed, above all, knowing what are the elements that nourish us, weaken us and they inhibit us The idea is to implement a constant flow in thought and action in the personal and collective sphere (Human Qi), applicable within all circumstances ( Heaven Qi) in the space we inhabit and our environment. (Earth [...]

The personal energy diagram, placing you in the here and now.

The personal energy diagram, known as The Four Pillars of Destiny or Bazi Chart, for its elaboration, part of the person's date of birth and the place, are four pillars attributed to the year, month, day and hour. Unlike western astrology, the energy diagram uses information from the sky, time, together with information obtained from the earth, location; the discernment of these two archetypes allows us to organize and give meaning to human existence, encompassing the individual and everything that can be related to the [...]

Love is in the Air!! How to enhance your relationship with the help of Feng Shui

On these Valentine's dates, the questions related to the couple's relationship are already placed on the surface of our emotions, right next to the red hearts and the cherubic angels. Feng Shui in the Flying Stars school (Xuan Kong Fei Xing) implements an active system, through Star Diagrams that measure the energy potential of your home; It allows us to focus in a special way on couple relationships, simply by analyzing the combination of stars (Qi) present in the bedroom according to the Star Diagram [...]

How to prepare for the new year 2022, the yang water tiger

Soon, the streets of the great cities of the world with a high number of oriental population will celebrate the entrance of the new year 2022, which in their culture will be the Year of the Water Tiger. The tiger and lion dance show will shine, filling us with good wishes and hope, something very necessary at this time where we have been crushed by the pandemic. This event will show us once again how a culture that is closer to the West every day, [...]

Learn the secrets of the Chinese calendar

When the first new moon of 2022 arrives on February 4-5, we will enter the year of the Water Tiger, no matter how skeptical we may be, we will seek information of all kinds, from the spiritual, political, philosophical to economic, to obtain clues that will influence our projections of this year. The human being seeks this information in a natural way, penetrating the ancestral DNA, supported by the changes that the celestial bodies presented, initially for the establishment of daily activities which we understood [...]

How to benefit from your environment according to the principle of the Five Animals of Feng Shui

One of the initial steps for the study of a place is to detect the characteristics of the environment, observe those around us, looking for the factors that provide support to the house or building. When the peoples in ancient China began their settlement process, the main objective was to seek that support that could accommodate economic development and provide the shelter for the development of relations. Feng Shui was born from that emerging need to find a place that provides them with the environmental [...]

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