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What can a Feng Shui consultant contribute in the selection of your new home

One of the fundamental rules of the real estate sector is:   This phrase is the basis for your investment to be safe at the investment level, for which the guidance of a real estate expert should be listened to. The foundations of Feng shui are based on finding the geolocation of the place using the Chinese Compass or Luo Pan. Localization in this discipline has to do with, studying the forms depending on the rural or urban environment. Feng Shui is a living tool, [...]

How to benefit from the different schools of Feng Shui

In order to improve the relationship between the existing space in a home, business premises  and the people who occupy it, different schools of Feng Shui have had to go their own evolutionary path.   The Form School  The first of the schools developed was the Form School , which studies the environment and the configurations created, to understand how to balance the possible effects of places on human beings. It seems incredible, how the external configurations of the space we inhabit, affect us physically and [...]

Yin &Yang…. The dance of opposites forces in Feng Shui (Part II)

From the macro to the micro: Yin and Yang in our home After collaborating with decoration and architecture professionals as a Feng Shui consultant,help me to learned, how in the development of a project from scratch, the importance of projecting the yellow path of the Sun in a home, in order to determine the placement and use of light in the areas Yin or Yang in a home. The duality of Light or Shadow, is one of the main questions under the gaze of the  [...]

Yin &Yang…. The dance of opposites forces in Feng Shui (Part I)

The term Yin and Yang has become common words in our language, remember listening to my dowsing studies teacher, who named one of his students as the "Yang Woman" for her extreme strength and activity, from that moment I understood that in our western culture , we tend to see the two concepts as separate entities and not as a unit. A completely dual unit that needs its counterpart to be analyzed. The teacher was not wrong, she was a Yang woman in relation to all [...]

Because it’s never too late … I share my encounter with Feng Shui

For those who don't know me, my name is Evelyn Escarfullery, I learned to read my first letters of the alphabet at the same time that I learned to interpret an architectural  floor plans, when I was doing my homework at school, just under my father's drawing table, at the time when the rulling pen was used to draw a floor plan. My love for  the spaces was modeled next to the metaphysics teaching I received, when I accompanied my mother to philosophical talks. We [...]

Is the Qi the Force that accompanies me? Interview with the Qi. Part II

We have heard several Feng Shui masters talk about San Cai… How is this term translated and what can this information bring to our lives? Answer:The word San means three, and Cai indicates aspect or observation points, these are the three layers to consider when analyzing a house: Heaven Qi - Tian Qi Earth Qi - Di Qi Man Qi - Ren Qi In modern life, the established rhythm has taken us away from the vibrations emitted by the environment, making it difficult for us [...]

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