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2023, at the gates of a new period

In 2023 we are at the limitrophe timeline for a change of energetic frequency. Within the history of Chinese metaphysics, we find several schools that have classified the energetic frequencies, called "Qi" to understand their influences over time. The San Yuan school, centred its study on the quality of the Qi potential for classical Feng Shui, organizing it into cycles, made up of High, Medium and Low, the term San yuan means three cycles. Each Cycle is 60 years long, the sum of [...]

Trigrams, the universe in three lines

Through the formation of the Trigrams, we can understand and classify the universal patterns. Each combination of whole or broken lines express patterns of movement and change, both internal and external in the different aspects of the human being and nature. The energy exchange between yin and yang gives way to the formation of the Four Bigrams or "Si Xiang", whose images show the relationship between heaven and earth; with the inclusion of a third line, the human being is integrated [...]

Without Bigrams, there is no Taiji

During our studies of Chinese metaphysics, we have always heard of the trigrams, eight in total, associated with eight directions, eight family members, eight emotions, ……. they are the result of the Yin and yang transformation process; however, we know little about Bigrams. This article bases its investigation on the primal movement of Yin and Yang in the Tai Chi symbol, a brief study of the mechanism behind the configuration of those two points located on each side of the symbol Two points that [...]

Know your personality with the five elements

We can know our personality, using the principles of the five elements as a reading algorithm in the study of the Energetic Diagrams of the Four Pillars, one of the methodologies used in Eastern metaphysics. In the same way, that Psychology analyzes the mental processes and behavior of human beings, within the framework of their physical and social interactions, the five elements serve as a guide to determine the complexity of the human being by analyzing the different components that exist in our diagram [...]

The Five Elements, discover how to use these transformation phases in the environment…part II

  When we analyze a space using the codes of the five elements exposed by Chinese metaphysics, we broaden the angle of observation of the place under the processes of transformation of energy, touching at the same time different aspects, such as the physical aspect where we study the forms and structures, created and not created by man; the human aspect, which encompasses traits from behavior, thought and emotions, and, finally, the time aspect, from climatic changes, atmospheric phenomena and the passage of time itself. [...]

Don’t look up, look at your environment

To apply the Flying Star Feng Shui system, you do not have to look at the sky, but study the quality of the environment where you live, take the magnetic direction of the facade of the place, establish the construction period according to the year Project. This diagram represented with numbers allows, depending on the focus of attention, to analyze aspects of human beings, space and time. As in the movie Don't look up, where science and politics enter into an intense fight for [...]

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