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The Luo Pan compass, a Feng Shui consultant’s workbook

In classical Feng Shui practice, a consultant for the study of a place, both inside and out, uses the compass, or Luo Pan, as a tool. Feng Shui bases its studies on the Qi flow. Qi is not a potential energy that can be measured with the parameters of Western science; however, the compass is a linking instrument between modern science and Feng shui as a science art. The study of Feng Shui, in order to integrate this flow of Qi with the inhabitants [...]

Your Face, biometry of your life path

Usually when we are in front of any person, we tend to form a judgment of the person just by looking at their face, it is something we do naturally, we usually use adjectives, names of animals or simply describe the emotion that person transmits to us, it comes to us from within, is a universal tendency. It is a skill that has traditionally been called “natural physiognomy”. Physiognomy – from physis (nature) and gnomon (to know) – means “recognition, interpretation of nature”. [1]. [...]

Date selection, live aligned with the universe.

The human being has been linked to the selection of dates, since civilizations developed different calendars, in different periods of time. It is almost impossible in this digital age to develop a life program without marking, crossing out or reviewing what activities we have for each day in your agenda. We live with our eyes set on an agenda to set goals, no matter how big it is, based simply on man's action: what I have, what I owe or what I want [...]

2023, at the gates of a new period

In 2023 we are at the limitrophe timeline for a change of energetic frequency. Within the history of Chinese metaphysics, we find several schools that have classified the energetic frequencies, called "Qi" to understand their influences over time. The San Yuan school, centred its study on the quality of the Qi potential for classical Feng Shui, organizing it into cycles, made up of High, Medium and Low, the term San yuan means three cycles. Each Cycle is 60 years long, the sum of [...]

Trigrams, the universe in three lines

Through the formation of the Trigrams, we can understand and classify the universal patterns. Each combination of whole or broken lines express patterns of movement and change, both internal and external in the different aspects of the human being and nature. The energy exchange between yin and yang gives way to the formation of the Four Bigrams or "Si Xiang", whose images show the relationship between heaven and earth; with the inclusion of a third line, the human being is integrated [...]

Without Bigrams, there is no Taiji

During our studies of Chinese metaphysics, we have always heard of the trigrams, eight in total, associated with eight directions, eight family members, eight emotions, ……. they are the result of the Yin and yang transformation process; however, we know little about Bigrams. This article bases its investigation on the primal movement of Yin and Yang in the Tai Chi symbol, a brief study of the mechanism behind the configuration of those two points located on each side of the symbol Two points that [...]

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